Our Impact

We operate our Studio to ensure that our end products have minimal impact on the environment and constantly check our procedures and implement new ones where possible.

We don’t just make it our mission to ensure that the products and services we offer are sourced in an environmentally conscious way. We also make personal changes, like lowering our carbon footprint by walking to walk and wearing ethically made clothing and we are not impartial to re-using a tea bag to lower our food waste!

Crafted from recycled cardboard

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our green policy. Our Kraft boxes are crafted from recycled cardboard, embodying our dedication to eco-friendly practices. As part of our ongoing efforts, we're exploring durable paper bags for smaller orders, while ensuring that our plastic bags are 100% recyclable. This reflects our conscientious approach to reducing environmental impact and fostering a more sustainable future.

Environmental conscious recyciling process

In our commitment to sustainability, we employ optimal printing practices to minimise waste. By utilising efficient techniques, we reduce off-cuts and curtail the unnecessary consumption of paper, ink, and toners. Despite our best efforts, any residual waste is meticulously managed. We have partnered with New Leaf, a dedicated waste management company, to ensure responsible disposal. Through shredding and systematic collection, we contribute to a comprehensive recycling process, reinforcing our dedication to environmental consciousness in every aspect of our operations.

All of our paper is FSC Approved

Our Bond, Pulp, and Kraft papers consist of 100% recycled materials. Our uncoated and coated paper, including Matt and Silk, is 55% recycled and holds certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a non-profit organisation ensuring sustainable sourcing. FSC certification guarantees the use of wood from certified forests or post-consumer waste. Beyond environmental benefits, these paper stocks offer superior print quality with fewer imperfections, resulting in brighter and smoother surfaces for vibrant color reproduction. Additionally, we optimise sustainability by bulk ordering materials and partnering with an eco-friendly paper merchant with a green fleet.

Non-toxic and vegetable based inks and toners

Without compromising quality, we use non-toxic vegetable-based inks instead of mineral oil which reduces our usage of fossil fuels. The toners used for our Xerox Digital printers are also collected and recycled via the Xerox Green World Alliance which has kept ‘more than 145 million pounds of waste out of landfills’. This means that no matter what you order, you can ensure that you are contributing to the health of the environment.

Our Environmental Policy

We are committed to conducting our activities and operations in line with current legislation and best environmental practice, seeking continual improvement and innovation within our businesses and activities.

SM1 Print Studio has implemented an internal environmental policy to ensure it meets these aims. The policy means the company will:

  • Set and monitor environmental objectives and targets and continually strive to improve;
  • Reduce waste and the consumption of resources and ensure unavoidable waste is recycled, reused or recovered, where possible, or disposed of responsibly;
  • Implement procedures to detect and, where possible, prevent pollution through accidental emissions or effluent discharges;
  • Foster a sense of responsibility for the environment among our staff and ensure they act in accordance with our policy;
  • Monitor and, where possible, reduce the impact of our activities on the local and general environment;
  • Ensure compliance with relevant legislation and regulations.

We are committed to exceeding our customer’s expectations wherever possible and are conscious that our products will impact your business also.