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Premium Paper Business Cards

Customisable to match your unique style, they'll captivate their attention and keep you top of their mind.

Choose from 11 luxurious paper types, including Kraft and Tintoretto Gesso, ensuring a high-end look. Not sure which material suits your brand? Request a Business Card sample pack and explore our full collection. Prepare to make a lasting impression and leave your mark on every encounter. SM1 Print Studio will take your business cards to the next level of excellence!

If luxury Business Cards aren't what you're looking for, why not browse our selection of square Business Cards, rounded corner Business Cards, or folded Business Cards for a completely unique look?

  • Size: 85 x 55mm
  • Landscape or portrait printing options
  • 11 luxury paper types to choose from
  • Print single or double-sided

At SM1 Print Studio, we're here to tackle any question, no matter how big or small. We understand that ordering print can feel like a challenge, but fear not! We're here to make it a breeze. If you can't find the answer you're looking for in the FAQs below, don't hesitate to reach out to us via email or telephone. Local? You can pop into our Studio and we can show you samples of our amazing work. We absolutely love connecting with people, so don't be shy!

How many premium papers do you offer?
At SM1 Print Studio, we proudly offer a fantastic selection of 12 different premium paper stocks. Each one boasts its own unique texture, captivating colour, and exquisite high-end finish.

Are premium business cards worth the extra money?
Prepare to make a lasting impression! Business cards are powerful marketing tools that leave a tactile impact as they pass from one individual to another. The texture of your Business Cards is crucial in creating that memorable experience. By choosing the right paper from our premium range, you can elevate your Business Cards to new heights and truly stand out from the crowd.

Do you offer square Business Cards with your premium range?
Absolutely! We're delighted to inform you that you can create square business cards within our premium range.

What is Kraft paper?
Introducing Kraft paper—a true gem in our collection! This remarkable paper stock is imbued with natural fibres and features subtle flecks that bestow it with a wonderfully organic and authentic look. Prepare to add a touch of rustic charm to your print products with our delightful Kraft paper.

Which stock would you recommend for a shimmery finish?
For a dazzling shimmery finish, we wholeheartedly recommend our Siro pearl paper. This remarkable stock showcases a stunning metallic pearlescent finish that is guaranteed to captivate. If you're searching for the perfect stock to bring your Business Cards to life with a touch of shimmer, look no further than our Siro Pearl Polar Dawn 300gsm. Prepare to sparkle and shine!

Artwork Templates

Our handy templates are available in Adobe InDesign and Acrobat PDF Format and the zipped folder can be downloaded to help you create your artwork to the right dimensions.

Download Templates

Unzipping a folder is easy on both Apple Mac and PC. On a Mac, double-click the zipped folder or right-click and choose "Open With" > "Archive Utility." The contents will be extracted to the same location. On a PC, right-click the zipped folder and select "Extract All." Follow the prompts, choose the destination, and you'll find the unzipped folder in no time.

Canva Template - Landscape - Single Sided

Canva Template - Landscape - Double Sided

Canva Template - Portrait - Single Sided

Canva Template - Portrait - Double Sided

Please read our artwork tips before supplying files from Canva here.

Artwork Guides

Business Card – Guide

Font and Image Preparation – Guide

Orientation Guide For Artwork – Guide

Understanding Paper Sizes – Guide

Accepted File Formats – Guide

Print Colour Variation – Guide


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