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Restaurant, Takeaway and Event Menus

Our Menus showcase delicious food choices and double as inexpensive, multi-sided ads.

Menus attract customers for takeout and limited-menu restaurants. With cost-effective paper stocks, sizes, and upgraded finishes like Scodix (Spot UV), your menus will stand out. Perfect for events, cafes and restaurants, our menus also serve as single-use placemats. Choose from everyday paper stocks and table-friendly sizes, and enhance them with Lamination and Gold Foiling.

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  • Standard and custom-finished sizes
  • Folding options
  • Special finishes including Lamination and Scodix UV

Folding Types Explained

At SM1 Print Studio, we proudly offer the classic folds or if you require a custom fold, like an off-centre fold, our bespoke team can help.

  1. Half Fold (Single Fold): one straight fold right down the middle. It's perfect for information Leaflets, Menus, and Orders of Service.
  2. Roll Fold (Also known as a C Fold):  This fold type will give you three panels on each side, and when the fold is complete, the end panel on the right tucks. This fold is an excellent choice for Menus, Letterheads, Tourist Information Leaflets, and business correspondence.
  3. Z Fold: This fold takes the shape of a 'Z.' All panels share the same width, making it ideal for dividing sections of information. Imagine using it for product or service information leaflets.
  4. Concertina Fold: Just like a Z Fold all panels share the same width.
  5. Gate Fold (Window Fold): With three panels both on the front and back, this fold is double the size when fully opened (like a gate). It's perfect for eye-catching direct marketing campaigns or magazine inserts.
  6. Cross Fold: This fold is commonly used with Posters or Festival Leaflets. It allows a vast amount of information to be elegantly folded into a pocket-friendly size. Simply fold the sheet in half, then in half again, and it creates four printed panels on the front and back.
  7. Map Fold: This fold involves folding the sheet in half, followed by a Concertina or Roll fold. And as you might expect, it's absolutely fantastic for maps!

At SM1 Print Studio, we're here to tackle any question, no matter how big or small. We understand that ordering print can feel like a challenge, but fear not! We're here to make it a breeze. If you can't find the answer you're looking for in the FAQs below, don't hesitate to reach out to us via email or telephone. Local? You can pop into our Studio and we can show you samples of our amazing work. We absolutely love connecting with people, so don't be shy!

Why are disposable Menus useful?
Disposable Menus can prove incredibly valuable. They're a fantastic choice when you're looking to swiftly turn tables around, and our single menus are just the thing. They're an absolute must-have for restaurants, pubs, and coffee shops.

I'm looking for some extra-large Menus for my restaurant. Can you help?
We're here to assist. In fact, we offer sizes slightly larger than the standard A sizes allowing you to pack more information onto your Menus.

I own a high-end restaurant and would like some unique finishes?
Wonderful choice! For that touch of uniqueness, consider enhancing your menus with Scodix UV or go all out with Gold or Silver foiling.

I would like to wipe my Menus clean and re-use them?
If you're keen on wiping and reusing your menus, we recommend Laminating on both sides of the sheets. This will ensure they're easy to clean and maintain for reuse.

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