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Placard Boards

Placard printing is the ultimate solution for businesses on the move and an exciting way to showcase your advertisements and special offers in bustling public spaces.

Let those passersby in on your amazing deals while highlighting local gems, all while championing your incredible cause.

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  • Choice of Display Board or Foamex
  • Pre-cut handholds
  • Available in a portable A3 up to a super-size A1

Use for: Protest placards, sales and promotions, marshalling events, and raising awareness for your cause.

Top tip: Choose Foamex if you want to use your board time and time again in all weathers. Made of compressed PVC, your printed placard will stand the test of time.

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What exactly are Placard Boards?

Placard Boards are these fantastic, handy little signs that you can carry around to proudly showcase messages and promotions. They're like your personal portable billboards and often make an appearance at marches and public demonstrations.

What materials are Placard Boards usually made from?

Placard boards are crafted using either lightweight Foamex material with a PVC base or a super-sturdy 2mm thick Cardboard-based display board.

What sizes can I get Placard Boards in?

You can pick placard boards in sizes that go all the way from A3 to A1.

Can I get my message printed on both sides of the Placard?

Absolutely! We want your message to shine from every angle. That's why we give you the exciting option of printing on one side or making it a double whammy by printing on both sides of the Placard Board. Your message, your choice!

How do I carry these awesome Placard Boards around?

Carrying your Placard Board is a breeze! We've designed them with a nifty carry slot right at the bottom. That means you can easily transport your placard, making sure your message gets the attention it deserves wherever you go.

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