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Van and Car Magnetic Signs

Promotional Magnetic Van & Car Signs amplify your message on every journey.

Transform vans or cars into attention magnets with impactful graphics, boosting brand recognition. Our top-quality Vehicle Magnetic Signs, customisable in size and shape, stick seamlessly, maintaining vibrancy through laminated vehicle-grade material. Upgrade van signage with custom cuts for standout visuals. Easy installation and residue-free removal make switching vehicles a breeze.

Looking for different ways to make your vehicle more attractive? Explore our Sticker section.

  • Standard or custom sizes from 200mm to 7000mm
  • Vehicle Grade Magnetic material
  • Square or Cut to Shape

Please note: Magnetic material will only adhere to surfaces that contain enough ferromagnetic material, e.g. iron. To maintain a strong bond, we do not recommend leaving car door magnets attached to the vehicle on a permanent basis.

At SM1 Print Studio, we're here to tackle any question, no matter how big or small. We understand that ordering print can feel like a challenge, but fear not! We're here to make it a breeze. If you can't find the answer you're looking for in the FAQs below, don't hesitate to reach out to us via email or telephone. Local? You can pop into our Studio and we can show you samples of our amazing work. We absolutely love connecting with people, so don't be shy!

What are Magnetic Signs good for?

Magnetic Signs from SM1 Print Studio are fantastic for a variety of uses! Are you ready to make a statement wherever you go? Well, these magnetic signs are the way to do it. They're perfect for vehicles and ensure that your message gets noticed everywhere you travel. They're like your brand's own moving billboard, grabbing attention and spreading brand awareness while you're on the road. How exciting is that?

What material are Magnetic Signs printed onto?

Our Magnetic signs are printed onto a seriously strong material called Magnecote. Trust me, it's not just any material – it's super durable and wonderfully magnetic. So you'll get both a vibrant print and a powerful hold that will make your signs stand out.

How do I attach the sign to my vehicle?

The Magnetic Sign simply clings to the metal surface. But wait, there's a bonus tip for you: for an extra-strong hold that will have your sign staying put, we suggest giving your vehicle's surface a good clean before attaching the sign. You'll be all set!

What is the maximum size I can print?

We can produce magnetic signs in sizes as large as a whopping 1200 x 7000mm. Imagine the attention you'll grab with a sign that big!

Can I have a custom shape sign?

We're all about giving you options to express your unique style. Along with our awesome square cut option, we're thrilled to offer custom shapes that match your artwork. It's all about bringing your vision to life. Just make sure to include a cutter guide when you choose this option. Our hints and tips section has more juicy details for you.

Will your magnets stick to aluminium surfaces?

Our magnets will only cling to surfaces that have a special ingredient: ferrous metal, like iron. If you're thinking about aluminium surfaces, keep in mind that they're not naturally magnetic. Sometimes a dash of iron or steel is added to make them magnetic. So, before you dive into ordering, it's a smart move to check your surface to make sure it's ready for magnetic material.

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What Our Customers Think of Us

Sam and the team at SM1 have been amazing both times we've used their printing services. The team has gone above and beyond to help us deliver our events, everyone we have dealt with has been very responsive and helpful. For our last event, Sam helped us sort out some bespoke boxes for a parliamentary hand-in, and found a cost effective and high quality solution for the project. Really appreciate the time and effort SM1 puts into helping their clients, and highly recommend to anyone looking to use their services!
daniel williams
daniel williams
i recently requested a quotation for an A2 print print for a wedding picture, I can not recommend SM1 print enough they were helpful and there online quotation method is quick and incredibly easy to use there was no messing around within an hour i had a quote and price they requested i send the picture via email so no need to leave the house and i was told it will be ready to collect on Friday i had an email on Thursday saying my print was ready The team at SM1 print are quick and polite and the quality of the print was was clear and beautiful i have recommended SM1 prints to family that are waiting to get there pictures printed and i will also be back to get more printed i had also recently used them for my table plan and table name cards and these were also brilliantly done the pricing compared to other printing companies was below i expected and have been quoted at other places thank you SM1 prints for the amazing prints five stars all round
Andrew Stone
Andrew Stone
I am extremely impressed with the service and friendliness of the staff. The job was, in my opinion, small; they printed my "Father if the Bride" speech, but it was done so well and I am so pleased with the result. I would recommend SM1 Print Studio to anyone needing any type of print job. Thank you so much.
Laura Easterbrook
Laura Easterbrook
This team were soooo incredible. So responsive and helpful and really made everything as stress-free as possible and when you’re planning a wedding that’s precisely what you want. Pauline esp went above and beyond. I would recommend SM1 to anyone!
Alan Cuthbertson
Alan Cuthbertson
We have begun to use SM1 quite a lot recently, their positive attitude is refreshing, and the skills and quality of their work really stand out especially on those tight deadlines, I know that at PPMA we really appreciate their abilities and look forward to keeping them busy.
Trevor Bartlett
Trevor Bartlett
Great quality printing and service with a smile. The SM1 staff responded to my request for memorial cards in less than 24 hours. Recommended. Trevor Bartlett.
RedCoin IP
RedCoin IP
We've been using SM1 Print for a while now, and they have always provided a superb service. We've used both their graphic design services and printing, and been really impressed with both. They are also competitive on pricing and fast on service with high quality output. We highly recommend them!
Jan Kidacki
Jan Kidacki
A great and friendly service to the local community for social and business needs.
Jenny Be
Jenny Be
Highly recommended and I'm so pleased we used SM1 prints for my daughters 1st birthday party decorations. Although it was a small job, Jay, the manager was so professional, friendly and produced beautiful quality prints for us within a very short time. Hassle and stress free from the initial phone call right to collecting the finished items. Great customer service and will definitely use again. Thanks so much!
Katie Hobson
Katie Hobson
The team at SM1 Print are fantastic. Always on hand to support with any queries, including bespoke items. For a recent event, we needed many elements including banners, cards, and a pledge pin board. The team delivered on time, in budget and the content was of excellent quality. Thanks as always!