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Bollard and Lampost Covers

Transform any location into a captivating spectacle with our vibrant Bollard Sleeves.

Boost store promotions and add flair to car parks with our multi-faced post protectors. Our vividly printed sleeves are weatherproof and durable, ensuring your shop advertisements stay pristine in any weather. Trust SM1 Print Studio for exceptional quality and unmissable marketing. Turn ordinary posts into extraordinary masterpieces that showcase your brand with style and make a lasting impact.

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  • One size fits all (364 x 1122mm)
  • Square cut
  • Correx stock - 4mm
  • Full colour on one side

Uses: Store promotions, car park post protectors, advertising bollard signage, entrance displays

Top Tip: Every side of the bollard serves as prime retail space. Use all three sides to your advantage in advertising by showcasing a different promotion on each face.

Artwork Tip: Nobody wants a promotion going unnoticed. When creating a design, ensure all crucial information is towards the top of the bollard sleeve to make it more visible on display.

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What is a Bollard Cover?

Let's talk Bollard Covers and Sleeves! They're amazing additions that bring a burst of creativity to your surroundings. Designed to fit snugly over the tops of posts, they open up fantastic advertising opportunities for you. Picture them in parking lots, pedestrian walkways, and even at the entrances of retail outlets. It's an incredible way to make a statement and catch people's attention!

How do I assemble my Bollard Cover?

Assembling your Bollard Cover is a breeze! It's a straightforward process that involves folding the panels into a triangle and then pushing the tabs through the interlocking clasp. This genius design keeps the Bollard Cover securely in place, making it super easy for you to slide it effortlessly over the top of the posts. Before you know it, your Bollard Cover will be perfectly positioned, showcasing your message to the world!

Artwork Templates

Our handy templates are available in Adobe InDesign and Acrobat PDF Format and the zipped folder can be downloaded to help you create your artwork to the right dimensions.

Download Templates

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Artwork Guides

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