A print brief doesn’t have to be too detailed however it should be clear and concise and convey the right information to us, at SM1 Print.

Please find below an example of some of the information that should be included.

How is the artwork to be supplied?

For example, will it be on a USB stick, and if so which file is it and where is it saved? Also which program has your design been developed in? (Word, PDF, Publisher, etc.)

Paper size and volume

What page size is your finished design going to be? A4, A3, A2 – special size? How many pages are there? Do you require any specific finishing (for example, folding, stapling, embossing).


Do you require your design to be printed in full colour, just 2 colours, or mono? Are there any specific colour considerations – perhaps a Pantone reference that needs matching?


Is your design to be printed on one side or both sides of the paper? What type of paper would you like to use – for example what weight, colour, finish? There are several colours, thicknesses, gloss or matt papers available. Please speak to us for samples and suggestions.


Do you need any laminating, binding, embossing, varnishing, stapling or folding to be done?[


To provide an accurate quotation, we will need to know how many copies you require.

Proofs (samples)

At SM1 we can provide printed proofs, either as PDF’s by email or as a hard copy collected in the Centre. We can also supply paper, colour and finish samples.

Delivery details

Will you be collecting from our premises in Sutton, Surrey, or is your order to be delivered? If so, to whom should they be delivered and what is your full address, including postcode?