Business cards are a means of exchanging your contact information so someone you meet can get in touch with you at a later date. It could even be used by people who want to pass on your information to others they think may be interested in your services.

That is why it is important to make a good first impression and the overall design, weight, finish and substrate of your business card will say a lot about your company. Using free Business Card printing sites might be tempting but they could seriously damage your brand and reputation.

Your Business Card design and layout will say a lot about the type of company you are. So, don’t miss an opportunity to show your best qualities and communicate your company’s values and character. Whilst some considerations for Business Card printing and design are practical such as:- contact information; physical size; durability; cost and branding, there are also other considerations like impact and creating additional value.

Simply adding a calendar, coupon, QR Code or referral discount could decrease the chance that your business card ends up in the bin.

Think about who you are handing out your Business Cards to. Rather than display the URL to your company home page, your business might be better served by directing new prospects to a resource page or a landing page with a free download or video that’s informative and/or entertaining.

Bear in mind though that you must make sure your business card design suits your corporate identity. It can be easy to get carried away with clever ideas when sometimes a simple and elegant business card will do nicely!

Traditionally Business Cards are printed at a size of 85mm by 55mm on white or ivory board, in colour and either single or double-sided. There are so many other options though, such as:

  • Portrait or Landscape
  • Die Cut or Traditional
  • Laminated or Un-Laminated
  • Matt or Gloss Laminated
  • Single or Double-sided Laminate
  • Scodix (Spot UV varnished)
  • Embossed
  • Digitally embossed
  • Card or Plastic Material
  • White or tinted Material
  • Single or multi-layered Material
  • Traditional or Folded Layout
  • CMYK Printing

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