What are NCR pads and what can I use them for?

NCR stands for No Carbon Required but is also known as Carbonless Copy Paper (CCP) which allows you to make multiple of hand-written documents easily and without any mess.

The NCR paper is commonly used for invoices, receipts, delivery notes and any other records where you need duplicate copies and should be branded and designed the same as your business stationery. With recent digital developments, the options for NCR pads and Receipt Books have increased dramatically. Now, SM1 Print can provide you with:

  • Single pads, loose sheets or small runs
  • Variable data that can be dropped onto individual pages
  • Different coloured sheets, images or designs on every page
  • Variety of numbering options
  • Glue or staple-bound

Each NCR paper set consists of a top sheet that you write on which automatically duplicates what is written onto the sheets below. The NCR pads can consist of just 2 sheets (two-part or duplicate), 3 sheets (three-part or triplicate) or 4 sheets (four-part or quadruplicate) in each set.

The pressure from a ballpoint pen on the top sheet causes the polymer on the back of the sheets to be released. This polymer reacts with a micro-encapsulated ink coating on the front of the sheets below to produce a copy of the top sheet.

The sheet’s special coating also means that when we use a special type of glue only the sets stick together, but the sets above and below don’t stick, thus allowing the individual sets to be used without having to be manually separated.

Produced into individual sets or pads, and produced to any size you require, NCR books are as unique as you need them to be.

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