Use Stickers to market your business

Branded Labels can be applied to various promotional materials, used in-store, as window displays, for PR purposes, or in the workplace for health and safety compliance. That’s why we ensure that we can provide self-adhesive Labels or Stickers in any size, type, weatherproof material, or quantity you require.

We offer two options for label formats: die-cut pre-printed sheets, which allow you to easily peel off individual labels from a backing sheet, and individual labels cut to your specific size. We can provide your stickers with a solid backing, allowing you to peel off the backing as a whole sheet, or we can print onto ‘crackback’ material, which enables the backing to come off in easy-to-handle strips. We produce any quantity you need, from single stickers to tens of thousands, on an almost daily basis. Simply send us your specifications, and we’ll take care of the rest.

At SM1 Print we are happy to explain how our labels are priced and to help you save money by relying on our vast experience of producing quality labels. Call us on 020 8643 6466 or email us at

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