A print shop is far from obsolete. If anything, printing services are more in demand than ever before.

The Digital Age simply presents you with more ways to print, not less. Even if you have a website and a social media presence, it doesn’t mean that your marketing stops there. You will still want to have a lot of offline marketing as well.

Give Your Customers a Take-Away

Your online presence is important, but what about reminding people that you exist before they go online? A business card is going to be the take away that you give customers. It will have all of the important things about your business on it. Remember that not all customers go online. With business card printing, you can appeal to both types of customers.

A business card should contain a few key details about your business. This includes such things as:

– Name
– Address
– Phone number
– Web address
– Logo

All of the above is an important part of your business. Don’t forget about the website address because it will tell people about you and your website. Especially if you get into a conversation with someone, you can hand them a business card. This serves as their reminder to check you out online.

Send Marketing Material to a Real Mailbox


Email marketing is strong, but there are issues where your important message lands in someone’s junk mail folder. When you send postcards through traditional mail, you tap into a larger audience. Postcard printing can be done at a print shop, giving you the graphics you need to provide you with the edge that you need.

The postcard is a great way to tell locals where you are as well as current customers about a new special. Sending a postcard in the standard mail puts you on a different level than the competition. Let everyone else send emails. You can put something physical in your customers’ hands, which will often speak louder than any email can.

Sell Your Product with Photos

Whether you’re a restaurant, a photographer or any other local business, you need to think about what customers are looking at when they walk through the door. You can hang any old picture on the wall, but it’s not helping you. It’s important to think about how you can sell to your customers at every opportunity possible.

Wall graphic printing can be obtained at a print shop. You can choose the size and even opt for something that is back-lit. Keep in mind that the majority of customers that come into your storefront will shop with their eyes. You can sell a particular product without ever speaking of it. Simply take a good photograph of it and let a printer print it out for you. The image will sell the product every single time.

Tell People About Your Online Presence

Tons of companies are concentrating on search engine optimisation. While your competition is fighting it out with keywords, you can get your customers in another way. Tell the local population about your website. If they have a website to type into a browser, they won’t need to type keywords into a search engine. This way they will bypass your competition altogether.

There are a few ways that you can tell locals about your online presence. Get creative and keep in mind the type of business that you’re running. You may want to try:

– Brochures
– Posters
– Banners
– Flyers
– Vehicle wraps

The important thing is that your website gets out there. When more people see what your website is, you will get more website traffic. Whether you hand people a brochure at a local event, they see a poster in a local business, try drive by your storefront, get a flyer in a parking lot or pass your vehicle in traffic, they have the opportunity to get your website address. Once they’re at your website, it’s up to you to close the sale.

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