When starting or scaling a business, the more you can save, the better. Quality products and services are imperative, but good marketing will help your businesses visibility.

So how can you avoid overspending, or even worse, buying cheap and buying twice! Here are 6 alternatives to help you create some buzz for your business without spending Agency prices.

1. Partner with a local Design and Print Studio

Ok, so you knew it was going to be the first one, but it REALLY is a GREAT consideration. £5.99 Business Cards may sound like a good idea, but if you are only willing to invest £5.99 into what may be the first time someone sees your branding what does it say about you? Partnering with a local service provider like SM1 Print Studio gives you the opportunity to receive first-hand knowledge and expertise, feel paper weights and only purchase what you really need.

2. Think… Community

You do not have to have huge thoughts when it comes to marketing efforts. Think smaller.

Try sponsoring a local team, a 5k charity walk or a school as well as getting involved in Community events and initiatives. Your branding will be included in their print and marketing to help you target customers and make your business more visible to them.

3. Put A Group Together

Coffee Shop Collaborate with other businesses and/or people in a non-competitive way. The benefit of doing this is you can cross-promote. You can come together to bundle website links, coupons and share social media platforms. Cross-promoting can help you save time as well as money on parts of your business you may not be as confident.

4. Request Referrals

Don’t be afraid to ask for consumer referrals. Most people say that they are willing to provide a referral if it is requested, but you may be surprised that so many business owners do not take the initiative to do it.

5. Offer Vouchers

Although most start-ups are not in the position to give money away, this could be a way to get a little buzz going. In our opinion, it is better to make a 25% sale then make no sale. Market research shows that people will go out of their way to use a voucher at 25%. In addition, vouchers may create return visits. As an example, if you give a voucher to a consumer for a future discount, there is a huge chance they will be back.

6. Get Digital

Do you really need a website? And if you do, should you build it yourself, pay a very cheap price or invest in a quality service? There is no right answer, however, we believe that having a visible website is a great ‘shop window’ for your business.  Building it yourself can be great, but your time is money, using a cheap developer abroad can result in delays caused by time zone differences, but investing with a local provider could mean that you can design and develop your website in stages as you grow.

It is also free to create a YouTube channel and join all of the popular social media networks. Creating informative content can help build some traffic to your website and business. However, it is important that you to avoid coming across as “salesperson”. The best approach to take is to come from a place of help. Figure out the problems of your consumer base and inform them of how your business is the best solution to their problems.

For more tips on marketing your business on a budget, you can read our FREE GUIDE.