As the saying goes “the bigger the better” and when it comes to print marketing, we couldn’t agree more! Large format printing, are prints that are bigger than what standard-sized office printers can offer (eg. A4 and A3). They usually come in sizes from 420mm up, on a range of paper finishes that can be used inside and outside.

Because of their sizes and characteristics, they should be treated differently from your standard marketing materials, as they offer different advantages to your Leaflets, Brochures and Business Cards.

So what are the advantages of large format printing:

  • More Creative Design Freedom – The need to have a ‘personal message’ on your marketing campaign is only half true when it comes to making large format prints. This means you can have greater design freedom because the size of the prints means you can get away with targeting a less specific type of audience, and make it more generic.
  • They Can’t Be Ignored – Have you ever tried to ignore the advertising on the tube platform? Or ‘not read’ a display at an exhibition? Hard isn’t it?! It is very difficult not to see a large poster or 3-meter exhibition that has a catchy headline and a big logo. They are easy to read at a glance and vivid colour makes them eye-catching, which is great when you are planning to target a huge area and not just an isolated one.
  • Less Hassle – With the introduction of GDPR, controlling data has never been so important. Although we are firm believers in the importance of direct mail; large format printing is less hassle and appeals to a wide range of audiences.
  • Multi-Usage – There are a lot of things you can do with large-format printing. As well as producing marketing materials to convey a message, you can also use large format designs on adhesive, vinyl and cardboard for decorations and advertising products.
  • Lots of Choices – The increasing demand for large format means that there are lots of substrates on the market to print on like vinyl and wood for outdoors and adhesive and window cling for indoors. Clever technology means you can now also literally ‘Pop-up’ Exhibition Displays and produce interchangeable magnetic large format prints.

Check out our Large Format section to read more about our services and talk to us to see how we can help you produce some cool designs for your large format marketing.